Globe7 VoIP Phone
ホーム Globe7 について 特徴 ダウンロードする マイ アカウント サポート
Processor: AMD/ Intel 1.7 GHz or higher
Kernel version: 2.6
RAM: 256 MB or higher
Multimedia: Sound drivers installed/updated in your system. Headset (with speaker and mic)
Operating system: Linux
Browser: Mozilla Mandatory (For FC2, FC4, FC5, Red Hat, Suse9.3)
Firefox Mandatory (For FC6, FC7, Suse10+, UBUNTU 7.04)
Bandwidth: 128 kbps
  • Download the latest version of Globe7 for Linux.
  • Open Terminal
  • Login as root

  • For Globe7 rpm package

  • Find the location where you saved the rpm
  • Enter the following command: "rpm -i Globe7-version.rpm", where Globe7-version.rpm is the name of the file you downloaded such as Globe7-
  • After typing the above command Globe7 icon will be created on your desktop and the shortcut will be placed at Applications→Internet→Globe7
  • You can run Globe7 application by double clicking the icon on the desktop or by using the following command from the terminal #globe7

  • For Globe7 debian package

  • Find the location where you saved the debian
  • Enter the following command:
    "dpkg -i Globe7-version.deb", where Globe7-version.deb is the name of the file you downloaded such as Globe7-debian-
  • After typing the above command Globe7 icon will be created on your desktop and the shortcut will be placed at Applications→Internet→Globe7
  • Phone
    Globe7 converts your laptop or desktop computer into a second telephone. You can make calls to any phone across the Globe. You can also receive unlimited free incoming calls from any landline or mobile phone. With Globe7, PC to PC calling is absolutely FREE.

    Globe7 TV
    Globe7 presents you incessant entertainment with free video streaming. You can watch free video clips in different categories. Video on Demand and matured pay per view content are coming soon.

    Instant Messaging (Chat)
    You can send messages to your Globe7 friends who are online by using the 'Chat' option.

    Phone Book

    You can add your non Globe7 members to your phone book and make calls directly from the phone book.

    Follow Me Service

    With 'Follow Me Service' facility, you can get your calls redirected to your landline or mobile when you are offline.


    You can search the Web while making calls or chatting with your friends.


    You can send SMS to any mobile across the Globe using the SMS feature available in Globe7.

    My Calls

    You can view the list of incoming calls, outcalls and missed calls.

    My Channel

    You can upload your video files and share it among the friends up to a capacity of 1GB

    View Channel

    For viewing the video content of your buddies you can choose this option

    My Breaking News

    Globe7 makes you know the latest and hottest happenings. Customize it to get the News of your interest.

    My Sun Sign

    Check your daily horoscope and personalize it based on your sun sign.
    What is Globe7 for Linux?
    Globe7 - a SIP soft phone integrated with Internet TV. Using Globe7, you can make free PC to PC Voice Calls and PC to Landline/ Mobile Calls at world's lowest calling rates, Guaranteed. You can build your community too ..

    On what Flavors of Linux does Globe7 works?

    The current version of Globe7 was tested in the following versions:
    Fedora 2, Fedora 4, Fedora 5, Fedora 6, Fedora 7, Redhat EL4, Suse 9.3, Suse 10+ UBUNTU(Feisty fawm7.04)

    What is the dialing pattern for placing calls through Globe7? Making calls through Globe7 is fast and easy. Login to Globe7 and you will see the default Dial screen. Enter the phone number in the dial text field by either clicking digits from the dial pad or through key board. Now, click the Dial button to connect to the destination. To disconnect the call, just click the Hang Up button.

    For International Calls
    Dial in this order: 00 + Country Code + Regional Code + Telephone Number.
    Ex: 00 91 44 254236545.

    For US and Canada:
    Dial in this order: 1 + Regional Code + Telephone Number.
    Ex: 1 781 6132085

    When you receive a call to your Globe7, you will hear a ringing tone. Click the Accept button to Answer the call or Deny to disconnect the call.

    Can I establish calls between Globe7 (Linux version) and Globe7 (windows version)?
    Yes, call can be made from Globe7 Linux to Globe7 windows and vice versa.

    How can I watch Globe7 TV?
    In order to watch Globe7 TV you need to download the FlashPlayer9 from the below link. P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash

    Installation instructions :
    Installing the plugin tar.gz using Install script:
    Unpack the tar.gz file
    In terminal, navigate to the unpacked directory and enter: # ./flashplayer-installer. Installing the plugin using RPM: As root, enter in terminal: # rpm -Uvh

    How do I get started with Globe7 Linux version?
    To get started for new users, you just need to install Globe7 as explained above. Once the installation is completed, Globe7 application will open along with Login window. Click on "New User? Get Globe7 ID" and fill the registration form. You will receive your Globe7 ID and a password to your e-mail. You need to use those details to login to Globe7 application.

    What are the ways to get FREE minutes?
    You can get free minutes by participating in our sponsor's promotion program. Complete any of the offers and the same denomination of talk time will be added to your Globe7 account once our business sponsor approves you.

    Can I chat with my online friends using Globe7-Mac/ Windows versions?
    Yes, you can chat with your online friends present in any version. Globe7 is interoperable for sending IMs to any version.

    What system libraries does Globe7 Linux version require?
    Globe7 for Linux requires gtk2.0 or greater and glibc2.0 or greater.

    On what hardware platforms does Globe7 for Linux available?
    Globe7 currently supports i386-32.

    Does Globe7 Linux version work beyond firewalls?
    If you like to use a firewall, please keep the following port open:
    UDP (in, out): Port 5060
    If you use a router, activate "port forwarding".

    What desktop managers does Globe7 Linux version support?
    Globe7 currently supports Gnome and KDE desktop managers

    What sound system does Globe7 for Linux use?
    Globe7 for Linux supports both OSS and ALSA

    Does source code for Globe7 Linux available?
    No, currently it is not made available for users

    How to uninstall Globe7?
    Go to terminal and type the following command rpm -e Globe7

    In order to uninstall Globe7
    Go to terminal and type the following command sudo dpkg -r Globe7

    Do I have any Sound problem with Globe7?
    If you get any sound problem then please close sound device consuming media and use Globe7 application.

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