Globe7 VoIP Phone
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System: PowerPC (G4/ G5) or Intel Mac
Multimedia: Sound drivers installed/updated in your system. Headset with speaker and mic. (or) iSight
Operating System: Mac OS X Tiger 10.3.9 to 10.4.9
Browser: Safari 2.1
Bandwidth: 128 kbps or higher
  • Installing Globe7 for Mac Download the latest version of Globe7-Mac
  • Unzip
  • To install, double click on Globe7Mac-
  • Select Macintosh HD and click on the next buttons to continue installing Globe7
  • Double click to run Globe7 application present in Macintosh HD→Application→Globe7→

  • Alternate Process

  • Globe7 application can also be run from the terminal. For that, you need to follow the below process after installing Globe7
  • Open the terminal
  • Type the following command $ cd Applications/Globe7
  • Run the application using the command $ ./
  • Phone
    Globe7 converts your laptop or desktop computer into a second telephone. You can make calls to any phone across the Globe. You can also receive unlimited free incoming calls from any landline or mobile phone. With Globe7, PC to PC calling is absolutely FREE.

    Globe7 TV
    Globe7 presents you incessant entertainment with free video streaming. You can watch free video clips in different categories. Video on Demand and matured pay per view content are coming soon.

    Instant Messaging (Chat)
    You can send messages to your Globe7 friends who are online by using the 'Chat' option.

    Phone Book

    You can add your non Globe7 members to your phone book and make calls directly from the phone book.

    Follow Me Service

    With 'Follow Me Service' facility, you can get your calls redirected to your landline or mobile when you are offline.


    You can search the Web while making calls or chatting with your friends.


    You can send SMS to any mobile across the Globe using the SMS feature available in Globe7.

    My Calls

    You can view the list of incoming calls, outcalls and missed calls.

    My Sun Sign

    Check your daily horoscope and personalize it based on your sun sign.
    What is Globe7 for Mac?
    Globe7 - a SIP soft phone integrated with Internet TV. Using Globe7, you can make free PC to PC Voice Calls and PC to Landline/ Mobile Calls at world's lowest calling rates, Guaranteed. You can build your community too ..

    How can I watch Globe7 TV?
    In order to watch Globe7 TV you need to have Safari browser installed.

    How do I get started with Globe7 Mac version?
    To get started, you just need to install Globe7. Once the installation is done, Globe7 application will open along with a window displaying the registration form. Before you get started, you need to setup an account by registering with Globe7.

    Complete the registration form by providing your personal information along with your e-mail ID. You will receive your Globe7 ID and password to your e-mail. You need to use your Globe7 ID and password to login Globe7 application.

    Once you get your Globe7 ID and password, you are ready to use Globe7.

    How can I make or receive calls using Globe7 Mac version?
    Making calls through Globe7 is fast and easy. Login to Globe7 and you will see the default Dial screen. Enter the phone number in the text field by clicking digits from the dial pad or typing through key board. Now, click the Dial button or press RETURN key to connect to the destination. To disconnect the call, just click the Hang Up button.

    For International Calls: Dial in this order: 00 + Country Code + Regional Code + Telephone Number.
    Ex: 00 91 44 254236545.

    For US and Canada:
    Dial in this order: 1 + Regional Code + Telephone Number.
    Ex: 1 781 6132085

    When you receive a call to your Globe7, you will hear a ringing tone. A call alerting box pops up allowing you either to accept or deny the call. Click the Accept button to answer the call and deny to disconnect the call. You can also choose 'Answer' button in the dial pad to receive a call.

    Can I make and receive calls between Globe7-Mac, Globe7 - Windows versions?
    Yes, you can obviously make and receive calls between any versions of Globe7 as they work on same audio codec's. However it depends on the bandwidth

    Does Globe7 Mac version support video calls?
    Currently Globe7 Mac team is working on it. We will incorporate this facility very soon

    Can I chat with my online friends using Globe7-Linux/ Windows versions?
    Yes, you can chat with your online friends present in any version. Globe7 is inter operatable for sending IMs to any version

    Does Globe7 Mac version work beyond firewalls?
    If you like to use a firewall, please keep the following port open:
    UDP (in, out): Port 5060
    If you use a router, activate "port forwarding".

    What sound system does Globe7 for Mac use?
    Globe7 for Mac uses CoreAudio sound configurations

    Does source code for Globe7 Mac available?
    Source code is not available for the users

    How to check whether the head set working properly or not?
    Go to →System preferences→hardware→sound and check for the proper functioning of mike and speakers.

    How to uninstall Globe7? In order to uninstall Globe7 just delete Globe7 folder present in Applications folder of Macintosh HD.

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